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What I Learned Last Week as A Freelancing Designer Mom-Momprenuer Chroncials

I share a lot on Instagram about balance and being a mompreneur. So I wanted to start a weekly round-up of the things I learn, weekly, in the hopes that it helps you find some balance as a mom! So little background, I am a freelance graphic designer and mom of two girls. One is four and the other is ten and this past year has been a HELL of a juggling act with me going full-time into freelancing and virtual schooling. Now that school is back in session I find myself readjusting my strategies and plans. So every Monday feels like a do-over and by Friday I evaluate what worked and what didn't work.

This past week I learned the following:

  1. You don't have to do it all to feel fulfilled!

  2. Having one focus a week is ok! This helps to prioritize what is most important instead of doing "busy work" with many different tasks.

  3. It's ok to rest when your body tells you to! I got my second covid shot last week and it took me out for 24 hours! I felt guilty for being sick because I lost 24 hours and as I lay there going in and out I realized I was guilting myself for being sick.

  4. Sometimes you need to remember what you've accomplished! I sat and wrote down every single thing I've accomplished in my life and it helped to put so many things into perspective.

  5. Taking balance out of your vocabulary helps to take the pressure out of your day. Simply showing up to the day and setting one small goal is more than balance.

How did your week go?

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