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Updated: May 12

Since I was young I’ve always been able to spot a trend before it amplifies. Sitting on the floor flipping through J.C. Penny catalogs at a young age just to see what will be “on trend” for the next session was a natural thing for me. This has been something that I’ve carried into my adult years and one trend that's on my radar I am dubbing “Moody Spaces”!

Moody spaces are those spaces that evoke a feeling of chill & allure. With low lighting, dark atmosphere and even darker décor! The spaces I’m sharing today evoke a smoky jazz bar, minus the smoke and if space could have a mood this one would be filled with a grown attitude!

These trends have been displayed in the most beautiful way that has me reconsidering my current interior design style. I’ve always loved things that have a charter and this trend adds charter to space. As you can tell with my reveal on the site and on Insta my interior style is very clean, minimal with a touch of vintage! Color is displayed within my space through metal elements. Yellow gold is my current tone of choice. When I go to pick up anything of color it's usually on the deep dark end of the color wheel and in a warm and rich tone. My eye gravitates to a more monochromatic muted look, but I am slowly but surely falling in love with a lot of these elements to create these moody spaces.

If you’re like me and would like to try and recreate this look in your space, here are some tips. I’d suggest starting in small spaces. Think small bathroom, office space or even a walk-in closet to test out your ideas.

Create these trends by infusing the following:

  • Dark-colored painted walls or wallpaper

  • Edison lighting

  • Contrasting of deep tone textiles

  • The meshing of dark against dark

I’ve dipped my toes into this trend by incorporating some of the above into the main level of my home. With the revamping of the main floor and guest bathroom. I’ve dipped my toe into the world of lighting and fallen in love with Edison's light builds. These light bulbs add a charter with its unique filigree and amber lighting. Most of the main floor lighting has been converted to Edison bulbs. When night falls it illuminates our space making the main level feel like a sexy lounge!

To add to this effect I’ve flanks all the windows on the main level in velvet black floor to ceiling curtains that add a luxe feel. Because our walls are bright white it adds a juxtaposition of dark and light. With these elements, I am slowly adding more “mood” to my space!

This will be the first of many posts in my “trending” series. Let me know in the comments below a current interior trend that you’re interested in or have incorporated into your whole home.

Disclaimer: Most images with in this post are sources from Pinterest. All Images that are property of Blanc Space has been watermarked.

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