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Surviving The First Week of School After A Year Virtual

Today I want to share how we survived our first week of school after a year of being virtual. As I prepared the girl's uniforms, book bags, and lunch boxes, it hit me, this year we're returning to the campus! I instantly thought, am I fully prepared?! After finishing out the first week I can officially say you're never prepared, however, you can put basic systems in place to make everything run smoothly.

If you've been a part of the TDTQ family then you will know that systems and being organized run in my veins! It's something that I naturally do to keep things running smoothly! It's also something I share more in the upcoming post.

Last week I shared over on my Facebook page how this was baby girl's first year onsite, in the big girl school! She was so excited that she jumped out of bed on her first day with the biggest smile and bubbly energy ready to start this new chapter! Every day the hubs and I took them both to school and Doll, our now fifth-grader slowly became independent in front of our eyes.

She no longer needed direction or required us to accompany her to her line for entry. A part of my heart melted because independence is something that I want her to learn and just like that, by the end of the week, my 5th grader was acting like a middle schooler. It was like watching a butterfly emerge from its cocoon.

Now, baby girls, our pre-schooler held my hand daily in line as she smiled and waited her turn to tell her name to the teacher at the school entry. By the end of the week, I noticed a small subtle change. It was around day three as we stood waiting, she turned to me, hand grasping tightly around mines, and looked up at me with bright eyes, and said "I don't want to go to school"! Oh crap, I screamed inside! I knew this would eventually happen, but the quick change caught me off guard. The planner in me panicked as her eyes waited for a response. I leaned down to her with the sweetest and more scener facial expression I could push through and reassured her that she would be ok and it's safe! Baby Girl wasn't buying it, and although she went into the school building from that day she repeated the statement looking for a different response.

See, no matter how many times you've done the "first official day of school" with your little ones, this moment always bubbles up. We're currently dealing with comforting and reassuring her that school is a great place. That afternoon I sat down with baby girl and asked her why she didn't want to go to school, she let me know that she missed me and wanted to stay home with me.

A year at home, we knew that this would create heartburn when she returned. Overall she loves school once she enters however it's the ride there and the wait outside where she tries to renegotiate returning home with me. After 2 days the luster wore off as she realized its too much time away from mommy! And as much as I want to grab her and take her home every time I know it's not what's best for her as well.

Are any moms of little ones dealing with these same adjustment issues? If so share how you're helping your little ones adjust. Next week I plan to share some of our tools and how they worked, so stay tuned for that!

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