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Realistic Self-Care for Mom's during Quarantine

Updated: May 12

Most of the world has been quarantined and adjusting to the "new normal". This adjustment can be a shock to many! If you're used to being in control of your day, going out and about then this can cause a bit of anxiety to your daily flow.

Blanc Space was created to share my love for interior design and my projects but just like the new normal sometimes things don't go as planned! This quarantine has my creative energy surging and being at home has allowed me to explore those surges more. I am learning to bend to this new curve of life.

Today I won't vent, that's been done all over social media and to be honest, I don't think complaining is needed or should be shared on the social sphere right now. We, in turn, should start sharing how we all are adjusting to help others. So that's what today's post will be about!

Quarantine takes me back to the days when I worked for myself. It's a bit different though! Two mini-mes are running around asking for snacks and ideas for play and the usual flow, that I once had from working for myself has disappeared. I will admit that the first week I felt a calm bliss that rolled into nervousness, lack of control and uncertainty. This internalized and cause chest pains for 2 weeks. I am someone who needs to be in control and I am working on teaching myself that not everything is in my control. I forgot my own rules and the first 2 weeks' felts like groundhog day. If you've seen the movie then you get the analogy.

Mental and emotional stability is high on my list of self-care when it comes to self-awareness. My mental stability was depleting and I could have easily given into the stress, let the chest pains linger and throw my hands to the sky, but that's not how I roll!

I know you may have seen all the encouraging meme telling you to check in with yourself which is super easy if it's just you, but being a mom its not so easy to check in around this time. So here is a realistic approach to making sure you take care of yourself during this time. The below tips are not light your candles, sink into the bubble bath and close the door tips! Although that would be nice, most moms will tell you that their lives are not built like that!

6 Realistic Self-Care Tips for Mom's

  1. Ask for help: Yup I came in hot on this one! As a Mom, we have some HUGE EGOS! We feel like superwomen from the day we are pregnant and carry this throughout our motherhood. At some time we have to ask for help. Its a must during this current state. If you're working remotely, for your self or someone else AND you have to care for your kids; ask for help!

  2. Create A Schedule: Now I know schedules may not work for everyone, but I use them to stay organized. If I don't have a plan then I think I have nothing planned. It's how my mind works, it keeps my anxiety at bay and it leaves more time to use my mental power for other things. Your little ones were on a schedule when they were in school so they will melt into these schedules with no issue. Its the infusion of your schedule with there's that may cause you some pressure. But trust me after 48 hours it will all flow well!

  3. Make Space for uncertainty: Now this one is a bit different. I learned this skill on one of my hard projects last year. Upon working on this project I was told they were unorganized, uncertain of what they wanted and had high expectations, so I should make space for all of this! All 3 of my triggers wrapped in a pretty bow! I remember breathing deeply taking it in, trying not to panic and you know what I was able to feel calm. I held on to those few words "make space". I made internal space and prepared for the blows and it worked! So I keep this little trick in my back pocket. When you set such a realistic expectation you receive less disappointment. Times are uncertain, so make space for that!

  4. Play: I know, I said PLAY! Ask yourself this, when was the last time you played? With your kids, danced silly by yourself, skipped around, PLAYED! I am not good at play! I didn't play much as a kid and remember being very serious. Like a little woman at the age of 5 with life to handle. So I struggle a lot with this and have made it my mission to play with the kids more.

  5. Do something for you: This one should be a given but refer to #1. This "something" can be learning a new hobby, starting something that's been on your "when I get the time" list, or simply do nothing! That means to just sit and be! Listen to the chatter of your home. Plan nothing and just check in with your body.

  6. Ease your mental: Every morning I do my AM ritual which consists of yoga, meditation, some journaling, and my morning tea while watching the sunrise. I post this daily on my Instagram to share with others. Two weeks ago when things pivoted I started saying a mantra that goes " I understand I am in control of myself & actions, All other things outside of my control I will not stress or worry about". I even caught myself saying it throughout the day when m work gets out of control. This is how I ease my mental state.

I hope these tips can help you adjust during this quarantine and if you've found a groove that works for you leave it below so others can also get inspired. Your tips can also help others!

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