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Quarantine Projects- Gardening While Quarantine

Updated: May 12

Over the last few years, I've exercised my "green thumb" by purchasing many indoor and outdoor plants. Some have died and many have flourished. Through this process, I've learned what I can keep alive and what will challenge me.

With everyone in quarantine, this has been a time to decorate your space. Over the last 3 months, I've completed and explored different projects in my home. Today I'll start sharing some of those projects through a series called "Quarantine Projects". The goal of this post is to show you how to redo your space with limited access to supplies, keeping the budget affordable, and making your space feel more comfortable while living their daily.

In my last post, I spoke about changing your scenery. Having 2 little children under the age of 10 who love the outdoors was starting to become a challenge as the weather warmed up. Our local park that we use to walk 2 blocks to was now off-limits. Packing the kids up started to feel like a challenge to take them someplace to "play" when we had access to our backyard.

Over the 8 years in our home, it has been a struggle to find comfort in our outdoor space. It isn't the biggest. There's no access from the main part of the house and its always felts like a chore to walk out the house, through the garage and out to the back. The idea that accessing our yard was a burden bothered me, so I turned to Pinterest. The solver of all DIY and home makeover ideas.

I searched small backyard makeover ideas, on a BUDGET! Because if you may not know I am the queen of saving money! Through this process, I discovered many inspirational projects. My main focus was to have our indoor ascetics style flow to the outdoors. During my search, I stumbled upon minimalist outdoor styles using planters.

We've had many half attempts to redo the yard by constantly planting flowers in a flower bed that never thrive. The issue I discovered was the flower bed received a heavy dose of sunlight during the day and would not hold enough moisture to keep the plants alive. I decided that planting another flower into the ground was not an option so we choose the planter method.

Here are some of my inspiration:

Armed with this idea I come up with a way to make it realistically functional for our family. For the last two years, we've fallen in love with urban gardening and decided to try our version of gardening via planter pots! I immersed myself in every Youtube video imaginable to understand easy herb and vegetable and what should be planted together.

Once I felt highly comfortable with the herb choices we headed to Lowes and Home depot. Just like I plan my interior design boards I did the same for our garden.

Gardening While on Quarantine:

Time spent: 2 Days

Cost: $648.65

Stores to Shop: Lowes, Home Depot and Big Lots

Maintenance Expectations: Easy

The idea was simple:

  1. Purchase medium-sized black or grey pebbles to fill up space to create a clean zen and minimalist look and add charter. We purchased the Mexican pebble rocks from Home Depot. Our flower bed used 32 bags.

  2. Wine barrels or tall black planter to raise the eye off the ground!

  3. Outdoor lighting to create the mood during the summer nights.

  4. A few hanging items on the fence to keep the eye moving. The hubs found cute bird homes in the dollar tree. The girls painted them for decor. We also found a mosquito plant that filled up the fence.

  5. Herbs, fruits, and vegetables that would thrive! As well as the food we eat and purchase regularly. With the garden, we can cut down some of our food bills once everything blooms. Our purchase consisted of Mint (2 different kinds), basil, cilantro, a tomato plant, cherries, hot peppers, green, and red bell peppers, and the hubs got fancy and picked up black heirloom watermelon!

This project was a great weekend DIY and only took two days. We now spend almost every day when the weather permits in the yard and that was our goal! Our plants have bloomed and if you follow us on Instagram you will see what we've harvested!

Next on my list is the entryway to the back yard. The goal for the hallway is to create the filling of entering a zen oasis. Stay tuned for another quarantine project.

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