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How-to Reset and Ground Yourself When Depressed

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The past months have been a roller coaster of emotions! I've dealt with a few moments of depression and anxiety that caused me to feel stuck longer than I wanted to be! If I'm being honest when my depression hits it scares me! So today I want to share how to reset and grounds yourself when this happens.

In my early 20's I was diagnosed with depression and put on anti-depressants. The months that followed were rough ones! I eventually went cold turkey (which I do not advise) and decided to find alternative ways to cope and push through. My normal way of resetting in the begging would be considered "generalized" ways. By using tools like yoga, meditate, and writing out my thoughts. As much as these help in the beginning over the years I had to discover new ways!

This last hit was a rough one and I shared for the first time publically on my Instagram page what was going on with my mental health. The moment of hitting submit made my stomach dropped and I even contemplated deleting the post, but I didn't! I'm glad I didn't because the feedback I received was amazing and gave me the strength I needed to open up more in the hopes of helping others.

Here are 3 new ways that I reset and ground myself:

  1. Sharing with those close to you- I learned over the past week that there are people in my corner who care for my well-being and sharing my depression with them helped me to feel loved. As I always say "energy is contagious" and when you share what's happening with you the transference of love will be contagious.

  2. Work-out- Ok this one is new for me, but I started working out daily. It was hard to get back into the route but I started using the MindBody app and signed up for virtual classes. My first class was in Canada and afterward, I felt renewed! Working out also releases those "good feeling" endorphins!

  3. Return to the things that make you happy- I'd been an earlier riser for the past 4 years and a month ago I stopped. I blamed it on "being tired", then "why am I rising so early". Questing my reasons showed me that I'd forgot my goals. So this week I started back rising at 5:45. The first day was tough, however, every day after got easier. My purpose for rising early was to get more time in my day to work on my businesses before the dolls rose. I'd lost sight of this a month ago, but now it has returned and I am excited to get the day started again!

These things might seem simple but they helped me more than I expected! Mental health is very near and dear to me because of my suffering and when I can find natural ways to overcome it, sharing these experiences truly warm my soul!

If you have ways of coping during a time like this feel free to leave them below.

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