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Blanc Space- Starting Over

Welcome to Blanc Space! I won’t use this first post to give my whole back story, you can read all about me in my bio section.

The first post to intro my site will be the reveal of my last refresh of 2019.If your new and know nothing about me here’s a quick back story! I started redecorating my home in October and started a style overhaul on the main level. So far we’ve redone the powder room, hallway, living room and will be finishing out the dining room and kitchen! Today I am going to walk you through the reveal of the hallway! I want to make these posts more than pretty images, so I am going to break the space down and touch on the design inspiration, and the beautiful before and after! This post is very length but filled with some great design nuggets. If you want to see the imagery only, feel free to scroll down and then head over to my Instagram for a behind the screen of the full process in the stories.

Now on to the hallway! The main level of my home is narrow and cozy! We have a combined space of hallway meets, living rooms, meets dining room, meets kitchen! My main issue since moving into this home in 2012 was the butterscotch walls and the boob lighting! So when I embarked on this redesign I knew that before new decro was introduced into this space, every single wall needed to be PURE WHITE! This was easier said than done!

Dipping my toe into the design pool I created an inspiration board. This process reminded me of my design college days and I truly enjoyed it. Creating a “mood” or “inspiration” board helps to put things into perspective. Here’s how I approached the design process of my “mood” board.


Color Pallet: As a visual person this helped to create and pull all the looks together. It also helped me determine were to push and water down some of my pallet as I created flow within the space.

Focal Point: In each space I’ve styled I determine one main focal point. As we work our way through the space I will point them out. Your focal points can be anything from an accent wall, bold lighting, furniture and textiles. It limitless and it helps to ground the space.

Inspirational style: I played with my style here by mixing styles that you don’t usually see together. The main level of our home is 80% Parisian, 10% Industrial 10% Bohemian. So I pulled inspiration from all 3 of these styles to level it out.

Actuals: Once I’ve narrowed down the color pallet, focal point and inspiration it’s time to pull actual items to purchase. I pulled my grounding pieces and placed them on my board to bring the space together. I took into account textiles, wall color, furniture and even the lighting when pulling my items for purchase. Most importantly because I am a mom of 2 young girls, the consideration of FUNCTION was a must!

Now to the fun part, making it make sense! Hanging out on Pinterest can be addictive and you can QUICKLY lose sight of your goals. Before curating images, I take pencil to paper of all of the 4 sections and outline what I am looking for. Let me take you through the first part of the design process by introducing you to our hallway!

For my color pallet I wanted nude, earthly tones with a hint of deep orange. My grounding colors were black and white, accented with yellow gold. I didn’t want the space to feel sterile and I knew once I made the walls white it would have been VERY easy to go from a warm to cool space!

My focal point for the hallway was the overhead lighting with Edson light bulbs to create an warm and inviting mood upon entry and my black an white gallery walls. The lighting I selected grounded the rod iron from the door and staircase, creating the industrial look that I wanted to convey! I wanted to soften the iron in the hall by creating a black and white gallery wall. The contrast of black pieces against the white walls pulled the color pallet down the hall and creates conversation for anyone who visits.

To pull in all my Inspirational Style I did this by determining how much of each style to use in the narrow hall. I am a numbers person so bear with me! I’ve always looked at the front of the home as the intro to my space, it tells a story upon entry. So I keep the Parisian style turned down to 10%. I didn’t want such a bold entrance when our entry door had that covered. I decided to ampt up the bohemian style to 80% because the Edison lighting created such a warming effect that it just felt right. 10% went to the industrial feel with the lighting fixtures. The 2 overhead lights flanked the hallways and brought the rod iron look from the door to the staircase and up to the ceiling. I soften the space by placing textured piece on the wall to add warmth as you traveled down the hall. To add to the story line all the images placed on the wall are at eye level and tells a story as you travel down the hall. Trust me the lay out of this wall drove the hubs crazy with my intentional leveling! But it was a MUST to pull the space together!

Lastly are the Actuals and the reveal! This was the best part! You can find all the items purchased linked here and throughout! Each space that I style I take in all the above plus function! As a person with a unique style and someone who adores expressing themselves I had to be realistic as a mom of 2, without sacrificing style. Before this refresh the front of my home was not functional. In the original image you can see a delicate vintage table adored with plants and flanked by a mirror. The mirror sadly was the only functional item as it was used to take one final look at yourself before you depart. The once catiwampus “gallery wall” made no sense! Once upon a time I collected vintage frames, don’t ask! So I hand them on the wall in my definition of an “artistic way”. Some frames were filled, some were not. No symmetry, rhyme or reason and flow!

When I approached purchasing my actuals I put a budget in place. I am going to be honest, the main level blew the budget and we will go more into detail with future content on why! There a few must haves that this space needed to incorporate:

Organization- I needed a place to store shoes in a clean “out of sight, out of mind” way! So I purchases the Ikea trones. It was priced at $24.99 and came in a pack of two. I chose the color black to contrast against the white walls and it holds a total of 6 kid’s shoes and 4 adult shoes. It also has a dip in the top that will aid in not losing our keys as you can toss them perfectly inside when you enter our home.

Overhead I placed a mirror. This is one of my design rules, every space deserves a mirror to reflect light and make a space bigger! This one was repurposed from the original space and placed on the opposite wall. Now, not only can I check myself out before I leave it’s a direct view into the girl’s room up the stairs. Sneaky mom!

My kids loved dropping their coats on the floor when they entered our home and it drove me nuts! So I found a new coat rack with 6 hooks to hold our coats and I changed the placement as soon as you enter the door. Underneath I added a bench that I lucked up and found in the perfect size at Ikea. It fit into the open wall space perfectly! This bench from Ikea has a few functions that I adore!

The kids use it to reach the hooks and hang their coats, no excuses for coats on the floor.

It’s a bench to put shoes on and off. It’s also the waiting bench in the morning as I round everyone up to depart. And I just recently started using it as a weekend morning sitting space as I drink my tea and get some sun exposure. We don’t have a great outdoor space so this is perfect! Lastly I was able to pull a basket from the living room (apparently I collect these as well) and use it to store our accessories.

Style Upgrade-My style has changed a lot and in addition to the wall color that I hated , the BOOB lights were a runner up! They needed to go and I had the hardest time finding what I wanted. They couldn’t be flimsy and needed to pull in the industrial feel. I wanted NO GLASS and they needed to be able to accommodate an Edison light bulb. In additional I wanted touches of wood elements.

My original inspiration was an overhead light from Pottery Barn that costed $80 a light! YIKES! The husband veto that by simply asking “will we be taking these lights with use when we sale the home”? That made me change my scope! These lights were a perfect find and super easy to install. (The hubs did it and he is not an electrician) These were an Amazon find for $25 and they didn’t look like $25. This was one of my best finds for the space.

The Gallery Wall- Ohh this gallery wall was the pain in the hubs side! I knew whenever I did a gallery wall that all my frames would come from Ikea. My frame size was predetermined by 4 preprinted images that were originally on the wall.

In the end we pulled the space together and it was SUCH A EXPERIENCE! In the next post we will move down the hall into the living room to break down the process! As much as I love a great Instagram styled image it’s always fun to know what went into the styling and that’s what I’m hoping these posts will do!

If you’re reading this, have you redesign your space and if so was it easy or a DIY mess?

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