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6 Questions to Ask Before Starting a Business

Every day someone's becoming an entrepreneur! Taking an idea, skill, and dream to new heights because it burns you up to hold it all inside! In the words of Mare Forleo " The world needs that special gift that only you have"! And it's very true, but the road to the final "BOSS BABE" world is not as shiny as it seems!

How do I know? Who am I to knock your big, shiny rainbow-filled bubble of dreams out of the sky?! Well no one really, only someone who has been an entrepreneur since the age of 14. Unbeknown to me when I starting making jewelry using my little bulk kit of beads my mom bought on Christmas and then selling them (for a profit) to make enough money to win Mrs. Junior in Junior high School (which I won)! I had no idea this little thing I was doing could and was a business, and I, in turn, became an entrepreneur! Not only were my peers purchasing my items, teacher bought sets as well! I wasn't just making elastic string bracelets I provided matching necklaces, and ring! An entrepreneur was born!

What I've learned many businesses later is that a business is like building Jenga with an eager 2 year waiting in the wing to come running at a high speed across the room to smash them all down! The idea of creating your own business is exciting, and when you start putting your ideas together to make sense, create something tangible it's exhilarating! When you're almost done creating the foundation you marvel at your genius! Wondering "how smart am I, the world will love this"! But, then here comes the 2-year-old, and down goes the dream!

When this happens all your efforts, your genius your dreams make you want to curl up and cry and just give up, but don't! Here's the number one thing I've learned from all the businesses I've created, TRY IT AGAIN!

Success is not overnight, you've heard that before right? But you might be thinking well it could be in a month or two right?! Maybe, if your foundation is stable and the timing is right. Here are some questions that I ask my clients when they want to start their own business.

1. Why do you want to start a business? (If you can't answer this then you are not ready)

2. What is your business?

3. Has it been done and if so how is your business different?

4. Who's your ideal customer?

5. How long do you think it will take to create the foundation for this business?

6. How much will it cost you?

These 6 questions are some of the questions I ask when working with my clients in my consulting sessions. These sessions are designed to not only get the wheels turning but to really make you think beyond the #bossbabe and #bossmom hashtags. Now you have 6 to get you started so what are you waiting for? If you would like to expand and really explore your business ideas I offer a free 30-minute fitting call.

Creating your own business is possible you just need a good person in your corner to block the two-year-old from knocking down your Jenga pieces and to help you build it higher and faster!

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