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5 Ways to Take Care of Yourself as a Mompreneur

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Let's talk a bit about how we've been treating ourselves as Mompreneur. As a mom, we put EVERYONE FIRST. Over time this leads to personal neglect and stress. So I created 5 ways that I've learned to take care of myself as a mompreneur. These can be used as reminders when you get overwhelmed.

I had a moment that set as my reminder a few months ago. As I snuck away at 2 pm while a baby girl played behind the couch I realized I was tiptoeing up the stair to use the bathroom AND get dressed for the day! At 2 pm! That's an issue for me because I rise between 5 and 6 am, so why was I not ready for the day?! Well, I can ramble off the list of "must-do" that manifest at 8 am when the house awakes but that's not what we're talking about today!

Taking care of one's self will look different for everyone, but there are areas where we can generalize and relate. Like those moments when you only get dressed from the waist up for zoom calls, or you stay in PJ's all day.

So how do we pull away from the overflowing inboxes, implementation of your next business strategy, and the toddler hanging on your leg begging for snacks?

As I contemplated how to create a new and more than anything REALISTIC structure I create 5 things that I MUST DO daily to start taking care of myself mentally and physically.

5 Ways to Take Care of Yourself as a Mompreneur

  1. Don't Try to Tackle it All- On my Instagram I share 3 ways to check-in

. It helps me stay grounded daily and more than anything realistic about my accomplishments for the day.

  1. Don't Be Afraid to Delegate- I am an "I'll just do it" kind of girl but this can cause stress very quickly so lately I've been deligating. In the household and within my business. This helps me free up more time and have a clear mind.

  2. Know When to Step Away From Work- Now I am super guilty for this one, but I've started to break my days up. Instead of sitting in the same spot for hours, I break up my time into chunks that allow me to "check-in" on my computer when needed without feeling like I need to sit there all day.

  3. Set an Alarm on Your Phone- Remember in school when the bell would ring at 3:15? This was your cure to leave school and be "free". Well, I now set a similar alarm that lets me know "you've done amazing today, time to log off". This pulls me out of my focus and the message reminds me I've done my best!

  4. Give Yourself Breaks- As a mompreneur, we wear many hats! Were the CEO, COO, financial advisor, marketing and design department, etc. When you put this into perspective as daily activity is may seem impossible for a break, but breaks can be "reset" sessions or a "do nothing session". There is nothing wrong with giving yourself a break because burnout is never fun!

These may seem simple and a no-brainer but sometimes we forget and these reminders help to bring us back. Finding more time to do the everyday things to make sure your taken care of will transfer over into your business performance, mothering, and other areas. Tell me, how are making time for yourself more?

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