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Hi, I'm Nakia

Let me re-reintroduce myself which shouldn’t be hard seeing as I’ve been in this space for about 10 years! Tenure aside, taking a 2-year break means I have a lot of catching up to do as the online space changes by the second! My name is Nakia Queen and I’ve worn many hats and have submerged my hands into many different online spaces. I’ve blogged for over 10 years under the monocular Vogue & Vintage the predecessor that became The Dolls and The Queen. This was my baby before my babies! This space was a fashion and lifestyle platform capturing my love of fashion and travel as I flowed to NYC and back to DC! 

The Gift & The Loss: 

After graduating from fashion design school and interning at design houses like Natori, Besty Johnson, Libertin, and VPL I landed my first job out of college at Calvin Klien. It was a designer's dream and a hell of a way to start my fashion design career. Working in the design department, learning, and hands-on influence in the men and women's intimate apparel, was an amazing learning experience I will always cherish! The skillset learned while working in Calvin Klien lead the way to my forever motto of “learn and grow”! In 2008 the market crashed and I lost my amazingly unreal design job and returned back to Washington DC. I left my heart in New York that day and it's taken me a long time to get over that loss. Having my outlet of content creating burned deeper with the lost and helped me to grow and expand my online reach through my love affair for design.  

I later went on to create a YouTube channel, which is still live today where I overshared my love for thrifting, creating the ORIGINAL $20 thrift challenge and working with Goodwill to bring it to life locally! Whew! Still with me! Ok, after ebbing and flowing in the blog and vlog sphere it was time to create businesses! So I created Naked Sugars an all nature skincare small-batch exfoliate company and Femme Dame Elle a digital marking company! 


Break & Return:

In 2017 I took a two-year break after giving birth to my 2nd daughter to gather myself! I’m also a mom of 2 girls, better known as The Dolls. During my break as a creative, I still needed to create so I started blocking off time to explore different hobbies and stamped it as “Blanc Space”. These were the spare pockets of time before and after my 9 to 5 where I explored design. I’d also done side jobs for family and friends but never shared or talked much about it. Last year I decided to redesign my home! We’d live here for 7 years and although I’d conducted micro-changes like new pillows, blankets, and even 2 new floor carpets; it’s never really felt finished and reflected my current style! So I turned my talents on within my home! Here I share my freelance lifestyle, home decor tips, and motherhood!

I whipped the slate clean, sat back for a bit, and waited, explored, and learned! Now it’s time to restart!

Lets talk design and feel free to email me at to collobrate.